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Guitar Lightnin' Lee & His Thunder Band are storming up the eastcoast and will unleash their electric blues on NYC November 5 - 8!

Thusrday, November 5 - Hank's Saloon, Brooklyn
Lightnin' welcomes local combos The SayLaVees and Fright Barker & Sons
DJ Hot Mustard will supply the tunes and the bands start at 9:00

Friday, November 6 - Don Pedro, Brooklyn
Lightnin's home away from home! Chicago's The Artist Formally Known As Vince Band will kick off the festivities and then pass the torch on to The Piggies and World War IX. With loads of eye-popping video! It all starts at 9:00

Saturday, November 7 - BB Kings, Manhattan
First, Lightnin' will be on WFMU radio from 3:00 - 6:00 with Todd-O-Phonic Todd. Then, Lightnin' joins long-time pals Daddy Long Legs in Times Square!
Get tickets here. Doors are at 10:00

Sunday, November 8 - Passenger Bar, Brooklyn
Lightnin' winds down his whirlwind weekend with an afternoon cocktail set with Lady Bree. Be there at 4:00 so you don't miss a beat!


The Best Record You Never Knew Existed

Die Rotzz Cover

Now is your chance to grab a copy of the elusive "Caro A-Go-Go" LP, a classic Hong Kong surf instrumental and garage rock masterpiece! King Star Echo was actually a Thai group, however, the band recorded and released this one top-notch Thai-Beat gem in swinging Hong Kong in 1966. Infested with twangy, acid-drenched guitar and demented, garage-a-delic organ, this lost artifact from the Far East will have enthusiasts of mid-Sixties Beat music going ape. The album opens with a raucous rendering of the Thai folk classic "Poo Yai Lee" and then blazes through more than a half-dozen surf and instrumental classics that will have fans of reverb drenched guitar in awe of the axe-wielding genius, Mr. V. Ruannark. King Star Echo's renditions of "Bumble Bee", "The Fugitive" and "Peter Gunn" blend perfectly the music of the West with the exotic temperament of the East rife with lysergic-infused guitar onslaughts. Demonstrating their ability to get primitive and deranged while still sounding like coherent musicians, for closers, the band treats us to some truly monstrous garage covers of the Kinks "You Really Got Me" and the Rolling Stones "Satisfaction". This record will launch you into the crazed mid-Sixties Asian A Go-Go world you never knew existed. If you are into top-shelf weirdo exotica with a hint of psychedelia and distorted guitars, much in the vein of the Simla Beat records, Cambodian Rocks & the Thai Beat A Go-Go series, then this Bangcock rocker is for you!

record review

Ugly Things #38, due to hit the streets early November, will contain an uber Fancy review of Caro A-Go-Go! WooHoo! Grab your LP now - they're going fast!

Edition of 500
North America $18 each plus $5 S/H

Everywhere Else $18 each plus $20 S/H

Fuck Knights A Taste of Puke
New on Go Ape!

Die Rotzz Cover

QUEASY LISTENING Grab your barf bags, Fuck Knights newest release hurls 12 minutes of intoxicating psychedelic garage punk in your face! A Taste Of Puke, a 6 song EP by Minneapolis' favorite miscreants is Go Ape! Records latest foray into vinyl immortality. Tossing garage roots into a kaleidoscopic mix of modern psychedelia and punk spirit, these trouble makers produce crafty tunes with slightly deranged arrangements that are more fun than a barrel of drunken monkeys. Do your record collection a favor and grab this 45 before it's gone. It's the best out-of-stomach experience your ears will ever have!

ÜBER RÖCK record review

Edition of 500
$5 each plus S/H

Die Rotzz vs. The Bastard Sons of Marvin Hirsch
New on Go Ape!

Die Rotzz Cover

The wickedest family feud in the history of the Big Easy! Die Rotzz vs. The Bastard Sons of Marvin Hirsch - "Family Feud" The brand new 4 song 7" EP from Brooklyn's favorite primates at Go Ape! Records. The first & last legit punk release of 2013 leads off with Die Rotzz, New Orleans' favorite power trio. These fine Southern gentlemen have been described as sounding like Hitler farting into a fan miked to a Fender Twin with holes in the speakers. It's hard not to like a band that evokes such poetic characterization and to us here at Go Ape, this is just simple, good ol' fashioned rock-n-roll played by a bunch of troublemakers. Batting second, The Bastard Sons Of Marvin Hirsch. After learning of their illegitimacy, this dynamic duo went straight to the garage and started a band. They have now dropped in on the skate punk scene and taken everybody's mom to the toilet. One could ask for little more when seeking something to clench a fist, or some teeth, to. There are just a few hundred of these, so get this two-headed monster while it's hot off the press!

Edition of 500
$5 each plus S/H


New on Go Ape!

To "Go Ape" involves more than just twangin' hard on a guitar, though that is what the Go Ape! roster has done well, since 2005. But none better (or tougher, faster or greasier) than these new Brooklyn "Pizza Punks," LITTLE SEIZURES!

Like, brand new. Like they just strapped on their R'n'R weapons mid-2011, slayed a few dive stages, bespoiled a studio in January, then Go Ape went and had Crypt Records' outta-his-head honcho, Tim Warren, master this debut single. Four anti frills, fuzz-git ragers about girls and being fed up with girls, brimmin' with Angry Samoans spittle and breakin' stuff like the Heartbreakers!

That sound made fresh again, yes. But green, no. A few of these Little Seizures have paid dues in numerous Big Apple garage outfits of the dead end of the century like The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, The Mess Around and The Shemps. Singer Tommy Perkins on the other hand is a bloodied snot-locker kid o' 24 with bounce in his calves and hairy-palmed fists of fury. Who better to Go Ape? And what better way than with these oven-hot slices of gutter garrrrrage rock all boxed up in Ben Lyon's larf-inducing monster-toon art. It's pizza punk at its finest. Just don't bend this single in half before you dig in...

Edition of 500
$5 each plus S/H


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This week we posted part 2 of DJ Hot Mustard's set of Asian rarities from WUSB's Spiney Norman radio show December 10th. Since WUSB does not archive its shows, we created podcasts of the set for our readers. Again, anyone with info on the "unknown" artists and song titles, please pass along the info. We love to learn! Check out DJ Hot Mustard's podcasts HERE.



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