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The Incredible World of Dr. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

By Amy V. & Iron Mike

Many have contacted us here at FANCY asking about the insane twenty-minute vocal track included on the CD-R mix that accompanied 100 copies of our premier issue (if you didn’t get one, check for downloadable MP3’s). Here’s the story. A few months back, a West Coast acquaintance asked if we had heard the rappin’ Korean bus driver. Well, we had not and a few weeks later the tape was in our P.O. Box. It sounded like a spastic auctioneer on methamphetamine chanting furiously over cheesy Casio keyboard riffs. The tape had two tracks. Each was a 25-minute non-stop party comprised of nonsensical scat yodels backed by a hypnotizing aerobicized beat. Our friend could only tell us that he got the tape in 1991 while in Japan visiting friends. His friends discovered it while on holiday in Korea. The tape was playing in a record store and they just had to have it. Continue reading The Incredible World of Dr. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee