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Obsession is 15 tracks of rare, otherworldly, acid-damaged and fuzz-drenched rock music from Argentina, Brazil, India, Peru, Turkey, and Uruguay circa 1967 - 1973. Most of these tracks are not available on any other LP or CD in print currently. All of the tracks were taken from original vinyl by compiler Mike Davis, of local groove merchants Academy LPs and Academy Annex.

Even before he opened the first Academy LP store in Manhattan almost 8 years ago, before he oppened its bigger, badder, brother store Academy Annex in Williamsburg almost 4 years ago, before there was a thing such as eBay, Mike Davis was a vinyl collector of obsessive proportions, tracking down the exotic sounds he craved at any cost. But as any record collector can tell you, not every rare record is good, and not every good rare record has been reissued or compiled for the less obsessed but sufficiently curious fan of psychedelic music. Now, with the knowledge and experience of someone who has had literally millions of LPs and 45s pass through his hands, Mike has put together a primer on some of the international psych finds he deems not only rare as rocking horse droppings, but way cool listening too.

Where else are you gonna find Flavio Kurt’s wild, rockin’ 1970 fuzz-garage-dance single “Walderez Walderia” (Brazil), Atomic Forest’s face-ripping rock instrumental madness (India), and Ovni 87’s oddly Jamaican sounding psych-dance mover “Sueno Un Camino” (Uruguay) in one place, flying their freak flags, pupils dilated to 11? Nowhere else! Ever wonder what it would sound like if Ron Asheton circa 1971 sat in with a Peruvian dance band and got everyone loaded to the gills? Listen to Sonora Casino’s “Astronautas a Mercurio” . Ever wonder what Os Mutantes would sound like jamming with a bunch of kindergarteners playing recorders and toy pianos? Check out Suely e Os Kantikus’ “Esperanto”. Ever wonder what Jimi Hendrix would have done with a saz? Check out Arif Sag’s “Osman Pelivan”. The acid-fuzz guitars are busting out all over this compilation, with electrifying Brazilian psych-guitar legend Lanny Gordin turning up on two tracks. And on the few tracks without overt fuzz guitar, such as Jean Paul “El Troglodita’ on “Everything is Gonna Change” or Novos Baihanos “Globo do Morto”, the vocals get distorted or echoed to extremes worthy of the craziest krautrock. But don’t wait until Julian Cope gets around to writing a “World Rock Sampler,” to get your head wrapped around these exotic sounds. Obsession will be long sold out and changing hands for collectors prices itself by that time.

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By Sakedelic Kohntarkosz


1) Atomic Forest - Intro / Obsession '77 (Inida 197?)
2) Quarteto Nova Era - De Repente (Brazil 1968)
3) Arif Sag - Osman Pelivan (Turkey 1972)
4) Sonora Casino - Astronautas A Mercurio (Peru 1972)
5) Flavio Kurt - Walderez Walderea (Brazil 1971)
6) Erkin Koray - Hor Gorme Garibi (Turkey 1972)
7) Novos Bahianos - Globo Morto (Brazil 1971)
8) Los Chikichaka - Musica Mulata (Uruguay 1973)
9) Arnaud Rodriguez - Murituri (Brazil 1972)
10) Ovni 87 - Sueno Un Camino (Uruguay 1968)
11) Suely e Os Kantikus - Esperanto (Brazil 1968)
12) Jean Paul "El Troglodita" - Everything Is Gonna Change (Peru 1972)
13) Ersen - Gonese Don Cicegim (Turkey 1974)
14) Barra De Chocolate - Ladron De Un Prisonero (Argentina 1967)
15) Atomic Forest - Obsession '77 Version 2 (India 197?)

























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