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JAAN PEHECHAAN HO - Excerpt From "Gumnaam" (1965)
The CRAMPS - Ultra Twist (Promo - X-Rated Version - 1994)
SCREAMING LORD SUTCH - Jack The Ripper (U.K. TV 1964)
The LIVERBIRDS - Peanut Butter (Beat Club 1965)
The LORDS - Poor Boy (Beat Club 1966)
FRED & BARNEY - Smoke Winstons (1961)
KISS - Firehouse (The Mike Douglas Show 1974)
The THING WITH TWO HEADS - Movie Trailer (1972)
DAVID BOWIE - Rebel Rebel (Dutch TV 1974)
CELTIC FROST - Circle Of The Tyrants (Promo - Partial - 1986)
VENOM - Witching Hour (Promo 1984)
FUNKADELIC - I Got A Thing (Upbeat, Cleveland, OH 1970)
CAROL - Louisi-Anna (Japanese TV 1974)
WILLIAM SHATNER - Rocket Man (1978)
HANSEL & GRETEL - Movie Trailer (1969)
LINK WRAY - Trail Of The Lonesome Pine (Jack Spector Show 1961)
The REMO FOUR - Peter Gunn (Beat Club 1966)
The CELLAR ROCKERS - Maar Het Is Waar (Dutch TV 196?)
JOI LANSING - Web Of Love (Scopitone 1966)
FLAT DUO JETS - At Home With Dex (MTV's Cutting Edge 1987)
DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN - Movie Trailer (1971)
BANANA SPLITS - Rockin' Out (1969)
The's - Walk Like Jayne Mansfield • I'm Blue (2002)
NEGATIVLAND - Christianity Is Stupid News Clip (1985)
The WORLD'S GREATEST SINNER - Movie Excerpt (1978)
DAVID BOWIE - Be My Wife (Promo 1978)
AC/DC - It's A Long Way To The Top... (1976)

Running time approx. 105 mins.

BO DIDDLEY - The Big T.N.T. Show (1966)
IKE & TINA TURNER - The Big T.N.T. Show (1966)
DICK DALE & The DEL-TONES - Misirlou • King Beat (196?)
DICK DALE - Swingin’ & Surfin’ (Ed Sullivan, Oct. 6, 1963)
CHANTAYS - Pipeline (Lawrence Welk Show 1963)
ASTRONAUTS - Tomorrow's Gonna Be... • I Still Remember (1965)
ARROWS - Moondawg • Apache (Hollywood A-Go-Go 1965)
BOOKER T. & The MG's - Green Onions (196?)
ARCHIE BELL & The DRELLS - Tighten Up (Upbeat 1968)
SHOCKING BLUE - Venus (Dutch TV 1970)
GROUP 1850 - Mother Nohead (Dutch TV 1975)
CUBY & The BLIZZARDS - Back Street (Promo 1971)
GOLDEN EARRING - Radar Love (Promo 1973)
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD - Mr. Limousine (Playboy AfterDark '69)
STATUS QUO - Caroline (Disco 1973)
T. REX - Get It On (Midnight Special 1973)
BROWNSVILLE STATION - Smokin'... (Midnight Special 1973)
REDBONE - Come And Get Your Love (Midnight Special 1973)
RITA LEE - Superstafa (Promo 1976)
AC/DC - Rocker (Hippodrome, London 1977)

Running time approx. 102 mins.

SERGE GAINSBOURG & B. BARDOT - Comic Strip (Scopitone 1968)
SCREAMING LORD SUTCH - Jack The Ripper (Scopitone 1969)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND - Ride The Sky (Beat Club 1971)
FRUMPY - Take Care Of Illusion (Beat Club 1971)
CAN - Paperhouse (Beat Club 1971)
GURU GURU - Oxymoron (Beat Club 1972)
SCORPIONS - I'm Going Mad (Promo 1972)
TIGER B. SMITH - We're The Tiger Bunch (1974)
TIGER B. SMITH - Tiger Beat (1974)
LUCILLE CATALDO - Hairdresser (Stairway To Stardom 198?)
HERVE VILLECHAIZE - This Is All I Ask (Dinah! 1977)
TERRY BRADSHAW - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Dinah! 197?)
ORSON WELLES - Ah! The French... (Commercial Outtake 198?)
The HUNTRESS - Squirrel Melt
The PLASMATICS - Hunting Trip / Doom Song (SCTV 1981)
PUNK FASHION - Might Catch On
MIGHTY SPHINCTER - Ghost Walking (Promo 1985)
HOPPIN' MAD I - Montage
MONKEY MAGIC - Intro & Excerpt
DR. PHERO - Injections In The Bum (Vermilion Pleasure-Night 200?)
HOPPIN' MAD II - Montage
CHINESE E.T. - Movie Excerpt (1988)
LOSER MONTAGE - Gary Coleman, Fabio, Tammy Faye Bakker...
WILLIAM SHATNER - How To Treat A Woman (Dinah! 197?)
WILLIAM SHATNER - People Like You... (excerpt from Impulse 1974)
TURKISH STAR TREK - Movie Excerpt (1973)
SUZI QUATRO - Can The Can (German TV 1973)
SUZI QUATRO - 48 Crash (German TV 1973)
SUZI QUATRO & CHRIS NORMAN - Stumblin' In (1979)
JAMES BROWN - Interview On Sonya Live In LA (1980?)

Running time approx. 118 mins.

CHUCK BERRY - Roll Over Beethoven (French TV 1964)
TAKESHI TERAUCHI - No Eleki Wakadaisho (Japan 1966)
MINTY NEWPORTS - Live TV Commercial
ATLANTICS - Come On And Love Me (Australia 1967)
BLACK DIAMONDS - I Want, Need, Love You (Australia 1966)
ANTOINE - Les Elecubrations (France 1966)
The MOVE - Wild Tiger Woman (Colour Me pop 1968)
SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS - Trailer (1968)
WONDERLAND - Love’s A Murder (Germany 1969)
GROOVIE GOOLIES - Where You Going Little Ghoul (1970)
EL TOPO - Theatrical Trailer (1971)
KRAFTWERK - Ruckzuck (Germany 1970)
FAUST - Excerpt from German TV Show (1971)
TON, STEINE & SCHERBEN - Solidaritat (Germany 1971)
The HOLY MOUNTAIN - Theatrical Trailer (1974)
JAQUES PERROT - Allegro Aus Der 40 Symphonie (1973)
NINA HAGEN BAND - TV Glotzer (1979)
The SAINTS - (I’m) Stranded • Know Your Product (1977 & 78)
P-FUNK - Up For The Downstroke (promo commercial)
RADIO BIRDMAN - Live & Interview (Rockturnal 1978)
BABES IN TOYLAND - Theatrical Trailer (1934)
DEVO & NEIL YOUNG - Hey Hey, My My (Human Highway 1983)
HUNCHBACK - Heart Of Gold (Pyramid Club 2007)
SAMMY DREAD - African Girl (Rock Star Bar 2007)

Running time approx. 106 mins.

MONKS - Girls Are Girls And Boys Are Choice • Monk Chant • Oh How To Do Now (Beat Club 1966)
CREATION - Painter Man (Dutch TV 1966)
SMOKE - My Friend Jack (Beat Beat Beat 1967)
HORROR OF PARTY BEACH - Trailer (1964)
MONKEES - Rice Krispies Commercial (1967)
OS MUTANTES - Panis Et Circenses • Fuga No. 2 • Quem Tem Medo De Brincar De Amigo • Preciso Encontrar Um Amigo (TV Cultura 1969)
PINK ANGELS - Trailer (1971)
MC5 - Kick Out The Jams • Looking At You (Tartar Field 1970)
STOOGES - TV Eye • 1970 (Cincinnati Pop Festival 1970)
ALICE COOPER - Eighteen • Is It My Body? (Detroit Tubeworks 1971)
HARD CANDY - Trailer (1976)
SECOS E MOLHADOS - Sangue Latino • O Vira (TV Tupi 1973)
FEMALE TROUBLE - Trailer (1974)
KISS - Hotter Than Hell (Commercial 1974)
BLACK SABBATH - Killing Yourself To Live • Hole In The Sky (Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1975)
The RUNAWAYS - Cherry Bomb (Promo 1976) • School Days (Euro TV 1977) Wasted • School Days (OGWT 1977)
VIRGINS FROM HELL - Trailer (1987)
PANDORAS - Hot Generation • You Don't Satisfy • It's About Time (1983)
CHESTERFIELD KINGS - 99th Floor (Promo 1983)
FUZZTONES - Ward 81 (Promo 1985)
GUITAR WOLF - UFO Romantics (Promo 2003)
KISS - Rock And Roll Over (Commercial 1976)
ROKY ERICKSON - Cold Night For Alligators • Interview • The Creature With The Atom Brain (Excerpt from "Meeting With An Alien" 1980)

Running time approx. 115 mins.


23 awesome tracks to tickle your fancy. Highlighted by Asian pop and instrumentals. Fancy Mix 1 is yours on CD-R for just $5.00!



24 incredible tracks. Who could live without Sam Hui fuzzed out psyched out rendition of Time of the Season? Or had lived and never heard Rita Chao's Dizzy? And of course four tracks of the master of masters, the pop star who makes Michael Jackson look like a pedophile: the incredible and always uplifting Epaksa! Fancy Mix 2 is yours now on CD-R for just $5.00!


22 fantastic tracks. Another collection of must haves for the music afficianado in you. Featuring the Others' rareness mentioned in issue 3's Obscrured Music, Korean guitar god Shin Joon Hyun tearing up the garden of eden and peppered with Northeastern punk bands and far eastern 60's pop bands. Fancy Mix 3 is yours now on CD-R for just $5.00!


24 fantastic tracks. Another eclectic mix with the extraordinary one man punk rock band: Jeffrey Novak, legendary New Orleans trash rockers Persuaders, Fancy's Singaporean Top Pop Act, The Trailers. Fancy Mix 4 is yours now on CD-R for just $5.00!

Our Premier Issue. October 2003
Contains The Bunnys, Anthony Thomas and Leroy and the only known interview with Vlad and Creighton of Ghoul-A-Go-Go!


Issue Two. May 2004
Includes the Incredible World of Epaksa, interview with the sexiest garage vixen Elka Zolot, Combover Uncovered and Detroit Coney Island Hotdog Wars.


Issue Three. January 2005
Featuring Rev. Jen's Troll Museum, "Beardos, Burns & Stashes", The Others, Jenny Tull's Action Fiends and New York's Hotdog Wars.


Issue Four.
Contains "Rebbe to Wear" Hasidic Fashion, The Trailers, Kathy X and New York's Hotdog Wars Part 2


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Long Island Hard Core

A two disc, 63 song, compilation of Long Island punk and hardcore bands from the late '70s and early '80s. This a re release of two compilations originally released on the DIY label Crisis Cassettes back in the early '80s, now repackaged into one two disc comp. This new package comes with a three sheet liner notes with info on the bands and a scene report of the early Long Island punk/hardcore scene. The Long Island band Cracked Actor are included on the comp. Their song, Nazi School, turned up on a Killed By Death comp. Both sides of that single are here as well four more cuts from their demo. The great band Krack Down have six songs. All are from their demo tapes and are not the versions on the single (or never released before). There was a website dedicated to LIHC. This is all that's left! The bands: Stands For Nothing • Shit For Brains • Krieg Kopff • Suburban Defects • Krack Down • Coffee Achievers • Manuel Zombie • Cracked Actor • Boring Sponge • Satan's Cheerleaders • Six and Violence • Dry Rot • Surf Zombies (later, Burden of Proof) • Technical Misanthrope • Four Rotting Corpses • Cryptic
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