A Fancy Haunting
Friday Oct. 20th 2006

A Fancy success or drunken mess...? Fancy Magazine and Go Ape! Records wish to send a monsterous thanks to everyone who came out to the Fancy Haunting & helped make the evening a groin-grabbingly tremendous success.

We are eternally grateful to Ghoul A Go-Go's Vlad Tsepis and Creighton for their magical mastery of the ceremony. When was the last time you saw a hunchback wield a live chainsaw in the midst of a densely crowded room of drunkards?

Thanks to Siren for this amazing photo.
If you or
anyone has photos from the
night please share. We'd love to see 'em!

Hunchback kicked off a mind-blowing set with special guest vocalist Creighton crooning on Nobody But Me. Amazing!

The Brimstones kicked equal ass with a wicked set of their special brew of garage rock and R & B.

A great big thanks to the main event, Direct From Hollywood Cemetery. They captivated the congregation and led the sheep to slaughter with a bad-ass batch of blistering tunes. This incredible set was in celebration of the release of their debut 7" EP on Brooklyn's favorite DIY label, Go Ape! Records. Click the lovely Lucretia to get your copy now!







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