Friends of Fancy

Kate's Foundation
Educate yourself on the dangers and prevention of melanoma.

Academy Records
NYC's best record store.

Jolly Roger Digital Video Archive MySpace
For up to the minute details & making friendly contact.

Go Ape! Records MySpace
NYC's best bestest and most friendliest record label.

Garage Hangover
Excellent website dedicated to shedding light on obscure 60's garage-punk bands. Great resource and has downloadable mp3's.

Jolly Roger's Digital Video Archive
Rare music videos and concerts on DVDR.

Jammy Land
NYC's best reggae connection.

For all your printing needs.

The super-glamorous evil ruler Alizarinkryz controls your mind via public access cable television.

Pretty Flamingo
Our friend from the Far East supplying endless Asian Pop from the past.

Norton Records
The Best of the Best. If you don't know about Norton, come out of the cave, friend.

Intoxica Radio
Luxuriate yourself. Listen to Howie "the cooolest guy ever" Pyro's amazing radio shows & podacsts.

Combover: The Movie
A topic and fashion trend dear to our Fancy hearts.

The Out Sound from Way In!
Listen to Epaksa's Encyclopedia of Pon-Chak.

Kathy X
Featured in Fancy Vol. 4.





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