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FROM THE VAULT is a series of DVD compilations available exclusively from the Jolly Roger Digital Video Archive. Each volume is a treasure trove of music rarities, movie trailers from obscure & bizarre films and miscellaneous snippets of fun from around the globe. Rife with the stuff that makes collectors froth at the mouth, these discs were time-consumingly compiled & chaptered for the clip parties that we do here in NYC. Now you too can have a soiree for sore eyes in your home or at your favorite public venue. Each volume comes in its own hard shell DVD case with featured artwork and complete list of contents. The price is $15 each or three for $40 plus $5 shipping.


SLADE - Hear Me Callin’ (BeatClub 1971)
WONDER WOMEN - Trailer (1973)
MOTORHEAD - Bomber (TOTP 1979)
DR. FEELGOOD - Milk & Alcohol (Promo 1978)
JOHNNY BURNETTE TRIO - Lonesome Train (Rock, Rock, Rock 1956)
VINCE TAYLOR - What’d I Say (French TV 1961)
FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! - Trailer (1965)
THE CRAMPS - TV Set / Sunglasses After Dark (Mudd Club, NYC 1981)
VICTORIA VEIN & THE THUNDERPUNKS - Live Oklahoma City (1974)
JERRY LEE LEWIS - Whole Lotta Shakin’ (Johnny Cash Show 1969)
WAYLON JENNINGS - Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line (J.C. Show 1969)
WiZZARD SLEEVE - Mommy’s Little Baby (Spellcaster, NOLA 2009)
JESUS LIZARD - Mouth Breather (CBGB, NYC 1992)
LANCELOT LINK - Evolution Revolution (1970)
THE ROLLING STONES - Hip Shake (BeatClub 1972)
UPHILL - Excerpts from “One Got Fat” (Music by Can)
THE LUCKY 7 - Trailer (1986)
DEVO - Satisfaction (SNL 1978)
MOTORHEAD - Leavin’ Here (TOTP 1980)
SATAN’S SADISTS - Trailer (1969)
E PAK SA - Gabba NY (2000)
KING STAR ECHO - Poo Yai Lee (Chan Clan Video 1966)
SLADE - Cum On Feel The Noize (TOTP 1973)
BO DIDDLEY - Road Runner / Can’t Judge A Book (Circa 1962)
CONWAY TWITTY - Hello Darling (Johnny Cash Show 1969)
NORMAN...Is That You? - Trailer (1976)
LANCELOT LINK - Magic Feeling (1970)
THE ROLLING STONES - Tumbling Dice (BeatClub 1972)
CHUCK BERRY - Johnny B. Goode (SNL 1977)
POOR PRETTY EDDIE - Trailer (1975)
LED ZEPPELIN - Whole Lotta Love (BeatClub 1970)
TELLY - If (German TV 1975)


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