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Die Rotzz vs. The Bastard Sons of Marvin Hirsch

The wickedest family feud in the history of the Big Easy! Die Rotzz vs. The Bastard Sons of Marvin Hirsch - "Family Feud" The brand new 4 song 7" EP from Brooklyn's favorite primates at Go Ape! Records. The first & last legit punk release of 2013 leads off with Die Rotzz, New Orleans' favorite power trio. These fine Southern gentlemen have been described as sounding like Hitler farting into a fan miked to a Fender Twin with holes in the speakers. It's hard not to like a band that evokes such poetic characterization and to us here at Go Ape, this is just simple, good ol' fashioned rock-n-roll played by a bunch of troublemakers. Batting second, The Bastard Sons Of Marvin Hirsch. After learning of their illegitimacy, this dynamic duo went straight to the garage and started a band. They have now dropped in on the skate punk scene and taken everybody's mom to the toilet. One could ask for little more when seeking something to clench a fist, or some teeth, to. There are just a few hundred of these, so get this two-headed monster while it's hot off the press!


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