Little Seizures

To "Go Ape" involves more than just twangin' hard on a guitar, though that is what the Go Ape! roster has done well, since 2005. But none better (or tougher, faster or greasier) than these new Brooklyn "Pizza Punks," LITTLE SEIZURES!

Like, brand new. Like they just strapped on their R'n'R weapons mid-2011, slayed a few dive stages, bespoiled a studio in January, then Go Ape went and had Crypt Records' outta-his-head honcho, Tim Warren, master this debut single. Four anti frills, fuzz-git ragers about girls and being fed up with girls, brimmin' with Angry Samoans spittle and breakin' stuff like the Heartbreakers!

That sound made fresh again, yes. But green, no. A few of these Little Seizures have paid dues in numerous Big Apple garage outfits of the dead end of the century like The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, The Mess Around and The Shemps. Singer Tommy Perkins on the other hand is a bloodied snot-locker kid o' 24 with bounce in his calves and hairy-palmed fists of fury. Who better to Go Ape? And what better way than with these oven-hot slices of gutter garrrrrage rock all boxed up in Ben Lyon's larf-inducing monster-toon art. It's pizza punk at its finest. Just don't bend this single in half before you dig in...

Edition of 500
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