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AC/DC: Live at the Hippodrome in London, October 27, 1977. Great live show. Excellent quality. Approx. 40 mins.

AC/DC: Collection spanning years '75 thru '83. Promos, Live, TV, etc. Excellent quality. Approx. 116 mins.

AMON DUUL II: Play Phallus Dei. Shot in 1968 featuring the band's legendary early line up performing the title track from their soon to be 1969 debut album. The film was originally launched at the Edinburgh festival in the late '60's. Approx. 28 mins.

ANGRY SAMOANS: Live at CBGB's, NYC, September 9, 2006. The band rips through 31 songs in 55 minutes. Excellent document from the final days of CBGB. Approx. 58 mins.


BAD BRAINS: This disc includes: (1) My Picture in the Movies - famous early footage of band at CBGB shot by NYU film student. Quality is not amazing but still good. Band does 7 songs and it runs for 15 minutes. (2) Band playing loft party in Berlin 1983. Great footage of 12 twelve songs, about 36 minutes. (3) Osnabruck, Germany 1983. Similar to the Berlin footage shot about same time. Band does 5 songs, about 11 minutes. (4) Unknown footage, could be CBGB, at a later date than the rest of the stuff on this disc, as the band members' dreads are very long. They do 4 songs in 10 minutes. The quality here is pretty poor but the rest of the stuff on the disc clearly makes up for it. Total time is 74 minutes.

BLACK FLAG: Collection including (1) early Target Video stuff: live Target studio, TV Party, etc., approx. 18 mins.; (2) live at SO 36 in Berlin on February 18, 1983, approx. 30 mins.; and (3) live at BierKeller in Bradford, U.K. 1984, approx 55 mins. Total running time is 103 mins. See also "Decline of Western Civilization".

BLACK SABBATH: Live Paris December 20, 1970. Pro-shot. Best quality I’ve seen of this one. Approx. 50 mins.

BLACK SABBATH: Collection spanning Sabbath’s first decade. Has the band’s 4 Beat Club appearances from 1970, misc. promos and television appearances, Cal Jam ‘74 (4 songs), Don Kirshner’s Rock concert from 1975 (5 songs) and culminates with an early Blizzard of Oz TV performance from NY show “After Hours” from 1981. Total running time of this disc is approx. two hours.

BLACK SABBATH: Live Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 1978. Full show. Pro-shot. First rate quality. Approx. 57 minutes.

BLACK SABBATH: “Black Without Blue”, which is Black Sabbath shot live at Nassau Coliseum, NY in 1980. This is all the footage from “Black and Blue” minus Blue Oyster Cult. Looks and sounds great.

BLACK SABBATH: Live on the Born Again tour with Ian Gillan on vocals. Contains 4 songs from Helsinki and full set from Montreal. Quality is not so great but watchable. There are apparently few known documents of Sabbath on this tour; this being one of them. Also contains promos and Rock Show appearance.

BLACK SABBATH: Rob Halford on vocals. All the stuff on this disc was recorded at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, CA on November 15, 1992. Contains Sabbath with Halford performing 11 songs (shot from audience). The extras include an interview with Halford & Sabbath, Ozzy's band doing Paranoid, Ozzy with original Sabbath line-up doing Black Sabbath, Ozzy interview and 5 songs from Sabbath/Halford set from an alternate camera angle (from the front of the stage). Great disc with a lot of rare, unused MTV stuff including some amazing fan interviews. Generally very good quality but the sound is a bit funky for the first 30 seconds.

BLACK SABBATH: "Cross Purposes" London, UK, April 13, 1994. Iommi & Butler with Tony Martin. Pro-shot concert but only 9 songs featured. Also includes "Feels Good To Me" promo. Approx. 55 mins.

BLACK SABBATH: Live Pittsburgh, PA June 12, 1999. This amazing pro-shot gem blows away the "Last Supper" release as a memorialization of the reunion tour, as this set is not constantly interrupted with Spinal Tap-esque interviews. 12 songs in all. Approx. 90 mins.

BLOODSHOT BILL: Complete set at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn, NY, on Sept. 8, 2006. With special guest Bruce Bennett from the A-Bones on guitar. Approx. 60 mins.

BOWIE 1: Collection of TV appearances & promos from '72 through '84. OGWT, TOTP, Cavett, Russell Harty Plus, etc. 26 songs in all. Excellent quality. Approx. 113 mins.

BOWIE 2: Collection of rare promos, TV appearances, live footage, etc. spanning the years '69 through '80. Includes very early version of Space Oddity, a duet with Marianne Faithful, Dick Cavett show, Kenny Everett Video Show, SNL, and more. Video quality is generally good but there are a few audio glitches. Approx. 81 mins.

BOWIE - Cracked Actor: A Film About David Bowie. 1975 BBC documentary. Quality good but not great. Excellent nevertheless. Approx. 55 mins.

JAMES BROWN 1964 - 1974: Excellent collection spanning JB's prime. Includes performances from T.A.M.I., Shivaree, Ed Sullivan, Mike Douglas, Hollywood Palace, Soul Train and Midnight Special. Video quality is good but does leave a bit to be desired here & there. Audio is fine. Runs 1 hour 55 minutes.

JAMES BROWN'S FUTURE SHOCK: Future Shock was a lovable Soul Train rip-off hosted by James Brown during the height of his shirtless, sweaty PCP days in the mid-late 70's. Featuring outrageous fashions, jaw dropping dance contests, musical and educational guests, and, of course, the man himself, Bad Man Brown. This disc contains nearly two hours of maniacal fun. A true treasure.

BUTTHOLE SURFERS 1: Outstanding comp with early shows and TV appearances capturing the Butthole Surfers in their prime. Scott & Gary Show (NYC Cable Access) appearance 1984, Live Atlanta 1986, and Live LA 1984. Overall quality is good. 111 minutes. Fully chaptered.

BUTTHOLE SURFERS 2: Has Butthole Family Style Barbecue, a 28 minute set from Fenders in 1986, Reading Festival 1989, a few fan-made videos and the Hurdy Gurdy Man promo. Decent quality. 117 minutes. Fully chaptered.

BUTTHOLE SURFERS 3: Live set from Morgantown, West Virginia, Sept. 16, 1985. Shot from audience, there are a few glitches at the start but generally good. The worst part of this set is that Kramer is on bass. Yuck. 60 minutes. Fully chaptered.

BUTTHOLE SURFERS 4: Live set from Traxx in Detroit 1985. This is of course the "Blind Eye Sees All" release without the bonus Butthole Karaoke. I used to watch this religiously back in the 80's when it first came out on VHS. Fully chaptered excellentness. 80 minutes.


CABARET VOLTAIRE: Double Vision video collection with the addition of "Trust in the Lord" video. 15 videos total, all look and sound great. Total time 94 minutes.

CAN: Free Concert 1972 plus some bonus stuff that includes promos & TV appearances 1971 - 1977. Excellent quality. Total time 103 minutes.

CAN: Documentary. Covers the band's history with interviews and rare TV appearances. Excellent quality. Approx. 90 minutes.

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART: Excellent collection spanning 1968 - 1983. Starts with footage from Cannes in '68 and includes Beat Club and OGWT appearances, Trout Mask Films, Detroit Tube Works, SNL, French TV Concert from 1980, and two Don Van Vliet interviews with David Letterman from '82 & '83, and more. Quality varies; some is a bit degenerated but generally good. Total time is 110 minutes.

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - Under Review: Documentary tracing Beefheart's entire career featuring rare footage and contributions from numerous Beefheart associates and Magic Band members. Total time is 114 minutes.

CAPTAIN BEYOND - Montreux 1972: About a twenty minute live set set showcasing the best stuff on their self-titled debut album. A bit grainy perhaps but still very good footage. The extras on this disc are live performances by the following bands: Budgie, UFO, Slade, Free, Status Quo, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath & Saxon. Total time is 98 minutes.

CARS - Midnight Special: Complete episode, which originally aired on September 28, 1979. Features live performances by the Cars & the Records. Also features Suicide, Iggy Pop, Lene Lovich and M. Original commercials are in tact. Approx. 90 minutes.

CARS - MusikLaden: Complete live set recorded for German TV in 1979 with a few bonus performances from 1978 - 1982. Great quality. Approx. 60 minutes.


CHRISTIAN DEATH: Live in Phoenix, January 1990. This was a reunion tour featuring both Rozz and Rikk Agnew and no Valor. It is entire set, which is essentially the Only Theatre Of Pain Lp and Deathwish EP. Nice quality. Total time is 50 minutes.

CHROME: All the Chrome videos and all the Helios Creed videos plus some live footage (including Chrome reunion and Nik Turner) followed by misc live performances and videos by: Feotus, Test Department, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Missing Foundation, Cop Shoot Cop, Dome, Die Krupps, Boyd Rice & Frank Tovey, Christian Death, Killing Joke, Swell Maps, Loop and Savage Republic. Total time is 105 minutes.

CHROME: Live in Cleveland 1998 (I think that's the year). Shot from audience. Decent but not amazing quality. Sound is nice and loud. Total of 10 songs in 50 minutes.

COIL: Live in Berlin April 12, 2002. Shot on hand-held from audience. Video is a bit pixilated but it adds to the trippy nature of the experience. Sound is great. Overall a very good item. Total time 76 minutes.

COIL: Live in Moscow September 15, 2001. Excellent. Multi-camera pro-shot. Total time 54 minutes.

ALICE COOPER - Tubeworks: Collection of early live performances, including: (1) Toronto Peace Festival (fair - good quality) (1969); (2) Cincinatti Pop Festival (good quality) (1970); Tubeworks (amazing footage from Detroit TV and VG quality!) (1971); OGWT; MusicLaden; TOTP (all VG quality); Hollywood Palladium (fair quality) (1976); and Muppet Show (fair quality and not complete episode) (1978). Total time 92 minutes.

ALICE COOPER - Muppet Show: Complete episode. Excellent quality. Also has Vincent Price & Marty Feldman episodes on same disc. 75 minutes.

COSEY FANNI TUTTI - A Study In Scarlet: A series of 'live' and commissioned actions by Cosey 1983 - 86. Total time is 57 minutes.

HELIOS CREED: Sun Club, Tempe, AZ, Feb. 8, 1990. Full set recorded on the Last Laugh tour. Primo quality. Also includes “The Rant” promo and 4 Chrome videos. Running time approx. 90 mins.

HELIOS CREED: Downtown Performance Center, Tucson, AZ, Feb. 17, 1991. Once again a full set - the show is a bit dark, but still very good. Running time approx. 76 mins.

HELIOS CREED: CBGB, New York City, March 7, 1991. Full set - the show is a bit dark, but still very good. Running time approx. 65 mins.

CTI - Elemental 7: Atmospheric video scapes from the Creative Technology Institute 1982 - 83. Total time is 59 minutes.

CURRENT 93: Footage from 3 different shows. First is at the 100 Club in London on 4/23/85. The band performs 2 songs, with Steve Ignorant on vox, and lasts about 10 minutes. Second is New Konservativ Festival in Hamburg on 6/13/85. This show inclueds sound check, 3 songs and runs about 38 minutes. Last is Muse Hall in Osaka on 7/03/89. This show has 10 songs and lasts about 52 minutes. Visually, the quality is not great on any of this stuff. It is often dark and there are a few glitches here and there. That being said, it still very good and none of this stuff has ever been commercially available. Running time approx. 99 mins.


DAMNED: Collection of rarities culled from several sources competenly compiled on one disc by me! From the "New Rose" promo to "Curtain Call", this comp captures the Damned in their prime, from 1976 to about 1983. The quality varies but is generally very good with only one or two moments of subpar visuals. But hey, some of this stuff is pretty scarce. Thirty songs in all. Approx. 90 mins.

DEATH IN JUNE - LIVE ITALY 1999: Recorded in Bologna, Italy, May 1999. Twenty songs in all. Approx. 63 mins.

DEVO: Disc includes "The Men Who Make The Music" in its entirety (approx. 52 mins.), Live Paris TV 1978 (approx. 42 mins.) and two songs from a recent NYC show at Hammerstein Ballroom (8/15/05). The "Men" is primo quality taken from pre-record and has a lot of early footage not included on the DVD release "The Complete Truth About De-Evolution." The Paris show is a bit rough, has been kicked around the block a few times, but acceptable quality and a great document of that amazing early Devo era. Entire disc runs about 96 minutes.

DEVO - TV RARITIES: Collection of rarities culled from several sources competenly compiled on one disc by me! Includes: SNL, DKRC, Fridays (all 3 appearances), Countdown, American Bandstand, Merv Griffin Show, Square Pegs, A Magical Musical Halloween, Urgh! A Music War and more! Qualities varies a bit but generally very good for such hard to find performances. Approx. 95 mins.

DEVO - HUMAN HIGHWAY (1982): Neil Young's "new wave" film starring DEVO, Russ Tamblyn and Dean Stockwell. Very good sound and picture quality taken from pre-record VHS. Not available on DVD. Approx. 84 mins.

DEVO - LIVE IN THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN: Recorded in Tokyo 2004. Includes interviews and bonus footage from Target Video 1980. Approx. 96 mins.

DEEP PURPLE: Collection featuring Mark II line-up. Great live performances from "Doing Their Thing" and ABC's In Concert, plus Beat Club & TOTP. Very nice quality. Approx. 65 mins.

DEEP ROOTS 1: Two-part Reggae documentary stylee hosted by man called Mikey Dread. Part 1 - Revival. Part 2 - Ranking Sounds. Authentic Reggae coverage. Recommended if you are a fan. Approx. 100 mins.

DEEP ROOTS 2: Two-part Reggae documentary stylee hosted by man called Mikey Dread. Part 1 - Bunny Lee Story. Part 2 - Black Ark. Authentic Reggae coverage. Lee Perry acting like a nut. Recommended if you are a fan. Approx. 100 mins.

DEEP ROOTS 3: Two-part Reggae documentary stylee hosted by man called Mikey Dread. Part 1 - Money In My Pocket. Part 2 - Ghetto Riddims. Authentic Reggae coverage. Recommended if you are a fan. Approx. 100 mins.

DIE ROTZZ - BLACK LIPS: One incredible band, Die Rotzz, with one incredibly annoying band, Black Lips. First up is Die Rotzz in Brooklyn on Sept. 22, 2007. It's a quick 16 minutes set but the band is brilliant. Second is Die Rotzz at Hi-Fi Spot in Brooklyn Feb. 2006. This set is not complete but a worthwhile 8 minutes nonetheless. Also featured are Black Lips from same Hi-Fi Spot show. This footage lasts about 18 minutes. Sound is a bit overblown on Hi-Fi Spot footage but you do feel like you're there. Total time of this disc is about 42 minutes.

DIVINE: Best of Music Videos. Very nice collection with movie excerpts, live music and promo videos. 16 videos in all. Åpprox. 75 mins.


EPAKSA: Around the world in 80 days with the pon-chak maestro. Sweet! Approx. 60 mins.

ROKY ERICKSON: Includes 13th Floor Elevators on American Bandstand and 3 Roky shorts: (1) Meeting With An Alien; (2) Demon-Angel and (3) Songs For Openers. Video quality is a bit washed-out but still enjoyable. Sound is good. Great collection of rarities. Approx. 117 mins.

ROKY ERICKSON - You're Gonna Miss Me: The 2005 Roky documentary that everyone's arave over. Great stuff. Approx. 94 mins.

F’s: Live at Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY, June 23, 2004. These 3 cool chicks rip through 15 songs in 53 minutes flat. First rate quality. Shot in black & white.

FLIPPER: Live 1983 video plus other misc live footage. Mostly from Target Video collections but includes other footage as well. Very good quality except for one part, which is fair but not horrible. Running time approx. 93 mins. (See also, Reel Horror Show #1 comp below).

FLIPSIDE VIDEO FANZINE #2: Live footage from early 80's of: White Flag, 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, Big Boys, Stretch Marks, Battalion Of Saints, 100 Flowers, Black Flag, Minutemen, Angst and Dickies. Burned to disc from pre-record. Running time approx. 62 mins.

FRIDAYS - NEW WAVE COLLECTION: Includes: Cars, Clash, Boomtown Rats, Blasters, Stray Cats, Plasmatics, Jam, Devo, Graham Parker, Split Enz, Jim Carroll Band and the Pretenders. Decent quality. 30 songs in all. Runs 105 minutes.

FUNKADELIC: P-FUNK COLLECTION: At long last, as requested by many. I just finished putting this one together from several different sources and I am quite proud of it. Includes: Say Brother, Upbeat, Commercials, Soul Train, Bootsy on Night Music, George on Letterman, Leno, Daly and complete Arsenio Hall episode from 1992 featuring & saluting George. Nice quality for this rare and truly great material. Runs 102 minutes.


GANG OF FOUR: Live on Rockpalast, German TV, March 10, 1983. Full set by one of my all-time faves. Not amazing video quality, it is a bit degenerated but still very good. The band sounds great. Running time approx. 88 mins.

GANG OF FOUR: Damaged Goods Compilation. Various live & TV appearances from: Urgh! A Music War, Atlanta 1980, NYC 1981, San Francisco 1981, Slovenian TV 1981, German TV 1980, OGWT 1981 & 1982, Dance Fever 1982 and Gateshead Fest. 1982. Quality varies but generally a winner. Love this band! Running time approx. 68 mins.

GENESIS: Shepperton, The 16MM Film. Live October 30 & 31, 1973. Pro-shot. Very nice quality. Approx. 62 mins.

ROBERT GORDON - LINK WRAY - CHRIS SPEDDING: Excellent collection of 3 live shows. First is Musikladen 1978 with Link Wray rippin' thru 12 songs in 30 minute set. Second is Rockpalast 1978 with Link Wray tearin' thru another 12 songs in 40 minutes. Third and final show is from Chez Paulette in France in early '90's (I'm guessing) with Chris Spedding on guitar. This show is about 45 minutes. Quality is not perfect but still pretty damn good. Highly recommended. Total time is 118 mins.

GUITAR WOLF - Red Idol: Collection of concert footage, promo videos, interviews, etc. Approx. 69 mins. See also, "Wild Zero" on movie page.


NINA HAGEN BAND: "Pop Meeting" Nina Hagen Band Live 1979. Pro-shot for television. Excellent quality. 7 songs in all. 29 minutes.

HAWKWIND: "Do Not Panic" BBC Four 2007. Great documentary featuring the whole gang, except Dave Brock, who refused to participate because Nik Turner was included. Highly recommended. With bonus promo for "Silver Machine". Excellent quality 65 minutes.

LEE HAZLEWOOD - Cowboy In Sweden: Directed by Torbjörn Axelman. Originally aired on Swedish TV in 1970. Great quality. Burned from pre-record VHS. Fully chaptered. Running time approx. 52 mins.

LEE HAZLEWOOD - Requiem For An Almost Lady: Directed by Torbjörn Axelman. Originally aired on Swedish TV in 1971. Great quality. Burned from pre-record VHS. Fully chaptered. Running time approx. 55 mins.

HECKLERS: Live at Bait & Tackle Bar, Brooklyn, NY, Sept. 22, 2007. Local legends tear it up. Filmed in black & white. Quite artsy. 36 minutes.

HEROINE SHEIKS: Live at Bowery Ballroom, NYC, April 28, 2001. One of the unrecognized greats of the late 90's featuring Shannon Selberg of Cows on vox & bugle and the inimitable Norman Westberg on guitar. Very nice quality from VHS sold at some shows by band. 10 songs in all. 35 minutes.

JIMI HENDRIX: Jimi plays Monterey plus Otis Redding at Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. Excellent widescreen print. Total time is 71 minutes.

JIMI HENDRIX: Jimi's 2 appearances on Dick Cavett in 1969. Total of 3 songs and 2 interviews. Also on this disc are David Bowie on DC and Mick Jagger. Runs about 75 minutes.



JAMMYLAND ALLSTARS - Glen Adams & B.B. Seaton: May 4, 2007 at Rockstar Bar in Brooklyn. Local rhythm maestros, the Jammyland Allstars, back two certified reggae legends - Glen Adams of Lee Perry & The Upsetters fame and Gaylads' frontman B.B. Seaton. Great set perfromed for select audience at neighborhood favorite, Rocky's, AKA Rockstar Bar. 53 minutes.

JAMMYLAND ALLSTARS - Sammy Dread: April 19, 2008 at BPM in Brooklyn. Local rhythm maestros, the Jammyland Allstars, return to back reggae legend Sammy Dread. Great set perfromed for select audience at neighborhood studio. 116 minutes.

JUDAS PRIEST - Live Vengeance: Recorded December 12, 1982 in Memphis, TN. Halford whips his hog. 92 minutes.

JUDAS PRIEST - Visual Metalogy: Live footage and promos spanning years 1977 - 1991. Has amazing footage of the Priest Unleashed in the East in 1977. Halford looks like he dipped into Bowie's wardrobe on the early stuff. Sweet. Great collection of rarities! Approx. 88 mins.


KILLDOZER: Live at the Apocalypse, Toronto, Jannuary 19, 1990. Full set - 15 songs. Disc runs 66 minutes.

KISS - Media Collection 1974 - 1976: KISS on TV 1974 to 1976. Great collection of live, lip sync & promo footage. Includes ABC's In Concert, Mike Douglas Show, Midnight Special, Cobo Hall Detroit, New Clips, Paul Lynde Halloween Special, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and more. Disc runs 88 minutes.

KISS - Media Collection 1977 - 1979: KISS on TV 1977 to 1979. More of the same but has more interviews. Includes Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, Veronica's Countdown, ABC News 20/20, Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, News Clips, Kidsworld, Hot Hero sandwich, 3-2-1 Contact and excellent full interview on Tomorrow With Tom Snyder. Disc runs 85 minutes.

KRAFTWERK: Collection of live performances and promo videos spanning years 1970 to 1999. Includes great footage of pre-Kraftwerk Organisation and many other rarities. 21 songs in all. Disc runs 98 minutes.


LONDON ROCK-N-ROLL SHOW: Great concert film from Wembley Stadium, August 5, 1972. Features: Heinz, Screaming Lord Sutch, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley & The Comets, Little Richard and Check Berry. With "special comments" by Mick Jagger. Excellent quality. Approx. 80minutes.

LOST CRUSADERS - EDISON ROCKET TRAIN - BRIMSTONES - SHAYDES: All bands filmed live at Don Pedro in Brooklyn, NY on April 11, 2009. This was the record release party for Los Wakamonos "4 Fancy Eleki Hits" EP, featuring the surreal go-go horse dancers. Partial sets for Edison Rocket Train & Shaydes and full sets for Lost Cruaders & Brimstones. Excellent quality. Great fun. Approx. 80minutes.


YNGWIE MALMSTEEN: Live in Brazil 1998. This Pro-shot jaw-dropper features highly entertaining hair metal at its over-the-top best (or is it worst?). Running time approx. 80 mins.

MC5: Double disc set of “A True Testimonial” and live appearances. First disc is the full-length theatrical release of “A True Testimonial” documentary of the MC5. Pristine quality. Running time is 2 hours. Disc two is collection of live performances (Beat Club, Rock en Stock, WTVS, Tartar Field, and more) and out takes from “A True Testimonial”. Quality is excellent to good. A must for any fan or collector. Running time on second disc is approx. 2 hours.

MEATMEN: Live Wilson Center, Washington, D.C., January 1, 1983. Full set of 16 songs via single cam shot from back of club with decent zooms. It is a bit rough at times but the sound is good and Tesco rocks! Runs about 50 minutes.

MERCYFUL FATE: Live Copenhagen, April 15, 1984. Full set single cam shot from back of club with decent zooms. It is a bit degenerated and blurry at times but the sound is still good and the King's voice is excellent! Also includes 6 promo videos and K.D. interview on MTV's Head Banger's Ball. Entire disc runs about 89 minutes.

MILKSHAKES - MIGHTY CAESARS: "Mighty Childish Vol. 1". Includes 5 different slices of Wild Billy Childish. First is Milkshakes set entitled Nottingham 1984, which is a live set running about 31 minutes and is good quality. Second is The Tube, UK TV 1984. This piece is a killer 8 minutes with a bit of an interview and live music by the Milkshakes, as well as, The Sting-Rays, Prisoners & Tall Boys. Next is 10 minutes of live Milkshakes on French TV from 1984. This footage is very grainy but I believe intentionally so. The fourth piece is 27 minutes of Mighty Caesars live in NYC in 1986. Shot from the audience, the band is obscured by the heads of the crowd but still fun and good quality. Last is Billy Childish at Mondo Kim's in NYC in 1997. Billy reads his "poetry" and then performs some "blues" numbers. Quality is very good and is about 38 minutes long. Entire disc runs about 115 minutes.

MISFITS: First up is Misfits live on “Why Be Something You’re Not” TV show from Michigan on January 7, 1983. The band tears through 12 songs and there’s a bit of an interview with Glen & band. The quality is a bit rough but very watchable. Next up are promos for Brain Eaters and Halloween and then 4 songs from an unknown show. The disc ends with another full show, 23 songs, from Boston on December 17, 1982. Again, quality is not primo yet very watchable. Running time approx. 90 mins.

MONOTONIX & HUNCHBACK: Great show @ Asbury Lanes, April 23, 2008. First up is Tel Aviv's hairiest, Monotonix. Could do without the hippie dance but still a good set from these in-your-face rockers. Second is local Jersey heroes, Hunchback. Fantastic mayhem right in the Boss' backyard! Disc is 82 minutes total.

MOTORHEAD: A best of type thing with fake live footage shot on a sound stage and the band on the Young Ones. Also includes the Iron Fist and Killed By Death promos and Girlschool performing Please Don't Touch with Motorhead. Very nice quality. Disc is 65 minutes total.

MOVE: Colour Me Pop - complete show with all 10 songs. Quality is very good but does have counter on top of screen. Extras include one song from TOTP & one from Beat Club. Also has three live songs from Beat Beat Beat. Disc is 45 minutes total.

MUMMIES: Three incredible shows on one fantastic disc. First up is Mummies on Counter Culture on Sept. 8, 1990. Next is an incredible set in NYC on Dec. 18, 1991. Last is Kennel Club in San Francisco on July 14, 1990. Looks and sounds great. A full 90 minutes of unbridled stupidity.

MUMMIES: Re-union show at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ on June 9, 2009. This is the full set from the late show. Experience what it was like to be in the front row. Looks and sounds great. A full 50 minutes of unbridled stupidity.


NANCY SINATRA & LEE HAZLEWOOD IN LAS VEGAS: Documentary filmed at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas 1972. Featuring back stage interviews with Nancy & Lee, Billy Strange, Hugh Lambert and concert footage of These Boots Are Made For Walkin', Did You Ever, Jackson, Summer Wine & Arkansas Coal. Shot by a Swedish film crew and aired on Swedish TV in January 1973. Nice quality. Running time approx. 50 mins.

NEGATIVE APPROACH: This is the same as "Fair Warning Vol. 1" but has the now deleted footage of John Brannon performing one song with the Misfits in 1983. Other stuff on the disc is: (1) 13 songs at City Club, Detroit 1981; (2) 10 songs at Traxx, Detroit 1982; and (3) 9 songs at Paychecks, Hamtramck 1982. That's a total of 33 songs on a 38 minute disc. Wicked.

NEW YORK DOLLS: Collection of early Dolls and a few Buster TV appearances. Includes Kirshner's Rock Concert, OGWT, Musik Laden, Lookin' for a Kiss documentary, and a few other misc items. Quality is good for the most part but some stuff is rough. Running time approx. 92 mins.

NIRVANA: Live at the Mason Jar, Phoenix, AZ, Feb. 19, 1990. Full set in a tiny club before these guys hit the big time. Primo quality. Also includes “Kurt Cobain's Greatest hits.” Running time approx. 59 mins.

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS: "Bleeding Images" video from 1982. Runs 45 minutes. Extras include experimental videos by: Bene Gesserit, Merzbow, P16-D4, Nurse With Wound, John Zewizz, Jonathan Briley, ZX-23, Sleep Chamber and Sub Klinik. Nice quality on these unearthed classics. Running time approx. 72 mins.


OBLIVIANS: Two incredible Oblivians shows on one disc! First is at Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Feb 12, 1997. Primo quality. This set is 70 minutes long. Second show is entitled Studio Session, Amsterdam 1995. Quality a bit less primo here but still very nice. Total time for this set is 28 minutes. That's 98 mnutes of the Oblivians, amigo!

OBLIVIANS: Two more incredible Oblivians shows on one disc! First is at Coney Island High, NYC, Feb 15, 1997. Primo quality. This set is 49 minutes long (great show, I was there). Second show is live at Joe Wilson's, Newcastle, June 9, 1995. Quality a bit less primo here but still very nice. Total time for this set is 46 minutes. Also included is an Oblivians promo featuring Quintron on organ. This is another 98 mnutes of the Oblivians, amigo!

OZZY OSBOURNE: Live at Irvine Meadow, CA, June 12, 1982. Brad Gillis era Ozzy show, pro-shot with excellent quality sound and picture. The band chugs through 13 tracks, including a few Sabbath tunes. Ozzy's vocals seem canned to me but don't ask me I don't know. 72 minutes.

OS MUTANTES: Live in the 60's. Collection of rare, live and television performances. Picture and sound quality is so-so but still a good document of the band at that time. Unfortunately short at a mere 30 minutes.


PiL: Collection of promos, live material, TV appearances, and interviews, culminating with John Lydon’s appearance on the Judge Judy show in 1998. Includes spots on The Old Grey Whistle Test, American Bandstand, and Tomorrow with Tom Snyder. Quality is generally very good. Excellent compilation spanning the absolute best of PiL’s early years. Running time 118 minutes.

PINK FLOYD - Live At Pompeii 1971: This is the original version not the "director's cut" with the interview inserts & behind the scenes footage of recording sessions for Darkside of the Moon. This is just the music and it's so much better than the director's cut. Great sites & sounds of early Pink Floyd. Running time 61 minutes.

PLACEBO UNDERGROUND MUSIC HALLUCINATION 1: Compilation of Phoenix area bands filmed on the road in the early-mid 80's. Includes: JFA, Sun City Girls, Zany Guys, Mighty Sphincter, Our Neighbors Suck, Killer Pussy, Harvest and Keening. Nice quality on this rarity. Runs about 45 minutes.

PLACEBO UNDERGROUND MUSIC HALLUCINATION 2: Compilation of post-punk bands filmed live in the early-mid 80's. Includes: Butthole Surfers, D.O.A., J.F.A., T.S.O.L., Tales Of Terror, Faction, 45 Grave, Agent Orange, Raw Power and Corrosion Of Conformity (this band is very rough quality). But for the C.O.C. good quality on this rarity. Runs about 42 minutes.

PRETTY THINGS: Outstanding comp of one my all-time faves. Includes: BeatClub, PopSide, A Whole Scene Going, Pretty Things On Film, What's Good For The Goose appearances as the Electric Banana, a 1988 Rockpalast concert and other misc live things. Quality varies but generally very good. Runs about 118 minutes.

PSYCHIC TV: Combination of two hard-to-find video releases from mid 80's on one disc. First is "Eden 3" and second is "Transmission 8". Video and short films from PTV's classic era. Includes Unclean, Catalan, Terminus, Godstar, Good Vibrations, Thank You Dad, SXXX-80 (by Monte Cazazza), a brief interview with Gen & Sleazy, and much more. Great quality. Running time is 111 minutes.

PSYCHIC TV & SPK: 90 minute disc featuring both PTV and SPK filmed live. Includes two live PTV shows. First is Berlin Atonal Festival, December 2, 1983 and second is live Madrid, October 16, 1984, for Spanish TV's "La Edad De Oro" (see more of this show below). Also included is Vagina Dentata Organ performance (brief; about 4 minutes) from same broadcast. The SPK footage was pro-shot November 1983 for "La Edad De Oro." Disc also has SPK promo for In Flagrante Delicto at end. All good stuff. All good quality.



RAINBOW: Live Munich 1977. Famous show where Blackmore had just been released from a 2 or 3 day jail stint for assault and rushed straight to the show where the crowd was waiting. Very nice quality. Entire disc runs about 113 minutes.

RAMONES: Live Musik Laden Sept. 11, 1978 (11 songs), a couple of songs from OGWT, 3 songs from unknown live show filmed off of TV (literally) and San Francisco 1978 complete show. This disc is worth it just for the Musik Laden, which captures band in prime in excellent quality. Disc is approx. 85 minutes.

RANCH PARTY: I burned the best of (in my opinion) Ranch Party VHS Vol. 1 & 2 on to one disc. Includes Johnny Cash, George Jones, Wanda Jackson and, of course, the Collins Kids. Quality is fair but acceptable for what it is. Entire disc runs about 95 minutes.

RAUNCH HANDS: Live in NYC at the Bad Music Seminar in 1986. Hand held shot from audience, so you see some heads get in the way of the band but it still sounds & looks swell. This is the clasic line-up featuring Mike Mariconda on guitar & Chandler on vocals. Entire disc runs about 30 minutes.

RESIDENTS - Wormwood: Wormwood Bonn, Germany 1999. Tales from the bible a la the Residents. Full show - 104 minutes.

RIP OFFS: Emo's, Austin, TX, 1995. Woo hoo! Finally got a Rip Offs show. Quality is decent but not great. Single cam shot audience. Very steady so must've used a tripod. Sound is a bit garbled for most of first song (Heat Seeker) but comes around to sound better after that. Full show - 41 minutes.

ROLLING STONES: Live at Marquee Jazz Club, London, March 26, 1971. Complete show originally produced for U.K. television. Not a pristine copy but still very, very good. Pro-shot, 8 songs, 44 minutes.

ROLLING STONES - GIMME SHELTER (1970): The Maysles brothers film about the Stones 1969 tour, which culminates with Altamont. Extras include Stones at Madison Square Garden, back stage with Ike & Tina Turner and theatrical trailers. Total time of disc is 115 minutes.

ROXY MUSIC & T. REX: Excellent Beat Club & OGWT mix of early Roxy Music & T. Rex. Pro-shot in television studio. There are 13 Roxy Music tracks (one is actually Bryan Ferry solo, which is lip sync). There are 5 T. Rex tracks circa 1972, 1 Tyrannosaurus Rex track from 1967 and the Born To Boogie theatrical trailer. Quality is excellent. Entire disc runs about 84 minutes.

RUNAWAYS: Japan & Beyond! Excellent and very rare collection of the Runaways in their prime in Japan in 1977 plus some Euro-TV appearances from the same time. Features lots of live material and some interviews. This is a quality upgrade! Very good. A must for any fan or collector. Running time is 90 minutes.


SAINTS & RADIO BIRDMAN: Includes Saints promos and live set from Paddington Hall 1977. Radio Birdman live clips and documentary style tv show, which includes interviews with the band. Saints stuff is decent quality from PAL transfer. Radio Birdman footage is fair overall, but very hard to find any footage of either of these bands so it is worthwhile. Great disc runs 67 minutes.

SAMHAIN: Live at the Stardust Ballroom on 11/21/85. Full show shot by Flipside Video. Brief sound drops from time to time but generally very good. Approx. 46 minutes.

SAMHAIN: Samhain VHS. This is the VHS from Samhain Box Set burned to disc. Includes 16 live songs from three different dates: (1) Typographer's Hall in Baltimore 4/13/85; (2) Ritz, NYC 4/27/86; and (3) Ritz, NYC 7/14/86. Approx. 42 minutes.

SECOS E MOLHADOS: Excellent collection of "Dry & Wet" that also follows vocalist Ney Matogrosso throughout his career. Some of this stuff really has to be seen to be believed. Quality is generally very good. Great disc runs approx. 90 minutes.

SIZE QUEENS: Recorded in NYC on New Year's Eve 2006. S.Q. is an all-star who's who of NYC legends including Bob Bert on Drums, Norman Westberg on guitar and Ron Ward on vox. S.Q. set is followed by Dead Combo, recorded at the same show. Great disc runs approx. 65 minutes.

SOUL TRAIN 1: Two complete episodes. (1) March 6, 1976 - Wilson Pickett, Betty Wright and The Modulations. (2) September 15, 1979 - Tribute To Minnie Riperton featuring Stevie Wonder and Wintley Phipps. Good quality. About 87 minutes.

SOUL TRAIN 2: Two complete episodes. (1) June 6, 1981 - Funkadelic, Betty Wright and Joe Tex. (2) September 10, 1977 - Johnny Guitar Watson and The Whispers. Good quality. About 87 minutes.

SOUL TRAIN 3: Two complete episodes. (1) December 24, 1977 - Brick and Sister Sledge. (2) July 10, 1982 - A Taste Of Honey, Jeffrey Osborne and Al Green. Good quality. About 87 minutes.

STAMPING GROUND - HOLLAND POP FESTIVAL 1970: The Woodstock of the Netherlands. Interesting rarity featuring live concert footage of: Jefferson Airplane, Al Stewart, Canned Heat, T. Rex, It's A Beautiful Day, The Flock, Pink Floyd, Dr. John, Country Joe, The Byrds and Santana. Film quality leaves a bit to be desired, however, it is not terrible. Approx. 84 minutes.

STARZ: Collection including Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, interview with Detroit's Super Max Kinkel, promo videos and live show from Long Island in 1980. Check this out if you want to see why punk rock happened. Good quality. 65 minutes total.

STATUS QUO: Live at Teatro Monumental, Madrid, March 14, 1975. Full set, pro-shot 60 minutes. Also includes 3 songs from Bingley Hall, Stafford, 1977 and 2 songs at Marquee in London 1972. Quality is pretty good throughout with a few minor glitches here & there. Entire disc runs about 82 minutes.

STEREOLAB 1: Live at Flying Squire, Danbury, CT, November 19, 1993. Full set 68 minutes. Also includes interview with Tim & Laetitia, 7 promo videos, and one live television appearance. The Danbury show is a bit dark, as it was filmed in a nightclub, and some of the promos suffer from the ravages of trade but still worthwhile. Entire disc runs about 110 minutes.

STEREOLAB 2: Live Central Park, NY, July 22, 1995 and an in-store at Leopard Records in Berkeley, CA on Oct. 26, 1993. Central Park looks and sounds great. The Berkeley show is a bit rough at times but good over-all. Entire disc runs about 105 minutes.

IGGY & The STOOGES: Live at Jones Beach, Long Island, NY August 23, 2003. Full show runs about 65 minutes. It takes the camera man a few minutes to find the stage, otherwise a well-shot document of the long awaited return to NY of the Stooges.

IGGY & The STOOGES: Live at Little Steven’s Underground Garage Festival, Randall’s Island, NY, August 14, 2004. Contains Stooges’ full set plus footage of the following: Lyres, Cynics, Woggles, Richard & The Young Lions, Chocolate Watchband, Electric Prunes, Creation, Nancy Sinatra, and the Dictators! Two full hours.

STRANGLERS: This disc includes all Stranglers videos from 1977 - 1982 Collection and Live San Francisco 1978 Target Video. Very nice quality. About 80 minutes total.

SUN CITY GIRLS: Live at Hollywood Alley, Mesa, AZ, April 10, 1990. Very good quality show from about the time the Torch of the Mystics LP came out. Disc includes the full set from that night, which is about 55 minutes.

SUN CITY GIRLS: "The Burning Nerve Ending Magic Trick." Seventeen different songs, skits & strange behavior filmed live. Includes guest appearances by Eyvind Kang and Steve Stone. About 56 minutes.

SUN CITY GIRLS: "It's Not Over 'till The Skinny Arab Lights The Fuse." Twenty different songs, skits & strange behavior filmed live. Includes guest appearances by Eyvind Kang and Benayshe-Ba-Equay. About 51 minutes.

SUN CITY GIRLS: "The Halcyon Days Of Symmetry." Twenty-two different songs, skits & strange behavior filmed live. About 47 minutes.

SWEET: "Sweet's Ballroom Blitz" - an excellent collection of TV appearances, promos and interviews with Andy, Brian & Mick from 1989, which is unavailable on DVD. This is followed by an extra 12 videos spanning band's career. Very good quality. Total time is about 92 minutes.


TELEVISION: Ork Loft 1974. Great disc of early days of Television as they work out new material.

TELEVISION: Live at Gaston Hall, Georgetown University, Feb. 27, 1993. Full set shot fromaudience. Camera man loses the stage once or twice but all in all a very nice. 101 minutes.

TAKESHI "TERRY" TERAUCHI - Eleki No Wakadaisho: Hard-to-find feature length film from 1965 featuring Japan's premier guitar heroes, Takeshi Terauchi and Yuzo Kayama. Primarily about a battle of the bands with a sub-plot about American football. Who cares about football, this one is about the musical fun. Widescreen, Japanese language (but no subtitles) and theatrical trailer at end. 94 minutes.

THROBBING GRISTLE 1: Rafters - Manchester, December 4, 1980. This is complete show shot from stage. Quality is a little degenerated. It has that warm fuzzy feeling but still very, very watchable. Running time is 59 minutes.

THROBBING GRISTLE 2: Guild Hall - Northampton, May 26, 1979. This is complete show shot from stage. Quality is a little degenerated. It has that warm fuzzy feeling but still very, very watchable. Running time is 50 minutes.

THROBBING GRISTLE 3: Goldsmith's College - London, March 13, 1980. This is complete show shot from stage. Quality is a little degenerated. It has that warm fuzzy feeling but still very, very watchable. Running time is 53 minutes.

THROBBING GRISTLE 4: Kezar Stadium. TG's farewell gig at Kezar Stadium in S.F., CA May 29, 1981. Excellent quality. Running time 54 minutes.

THROBBING GRISTLE 5: Recording Heathen Earth, Feb. 16, 1980. Very good quality. Though taken from a pre-record VHS, it looks a bit dupy. That's just the way it is. Running time approx. 52 minutes.

THROBBING GRISTLE 6: (Le) Poisson Rouge - New York City, April 17, 2009. Full show shot from front on Gen's side of the stage. Full set. Looks and sounds great. Running time is 76 minutes.

THROBBING GRISTLE 7: Masonic Hall - Brooklyn, NY, April 28, 2009. Full show shot from balcony on Cosey's side of the stage. Full set. Looks and sounds great. Running time is 76 minutes.

TRASHWOMEN & SUPERCHARGER: First set is Trashwomen in San Francisco, CA, Feb. 27, 1993 and includes 12 songs. Second set is Trashwomen at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco in 1992, which includes 3 songs. Next up is Supercharger with a full set at the Chameleon in San Francisco on June 6, 1992. Quality is very good. Running time is approx. 75 minutes.

T. REX Born To Boogie: The complete Ringo Starr film with nice extras (theatrical trailer, etc.). Quality is excellent. Running time with the extras is approx. 75 minutes.

T. REX In Concert 1: March 18, 1972, 8:30 PM. Parts of this show were used in Born To Boogie. This is the entire set and it's amazing. Quality is excellent. Running time approx. 63 minutes.

T. REX In Concert 2: March 18, 1972, 5:30 PM. This is the first of two shows filmed for use in Born To Boogie. This is the entire set. Quality is excellent. Running time approx. 63 minutes.

T. REX On T.V: Collection of TV appearances from '67 to '75. Transferred to NTSC from the PAL DVD of the same title. Additional Beat Club appearances added. Quality is excellent. Running time approx. 88 minutes.

T. REX - SUPERSONIC: Bolan appearances on U.K. TV shows Supersonic and Get It On from '75 - '77. Transferred to NTSC from same above-mentioned PAL DVD. Also has "Dandy In The Underworld" Granada TV documentary from 1997. Quality is excellent. Running time approx. 106 minutes.

TUNNEL OF LOVE: Brookline, MA, bad boys captured live in NYC area. First is complete show from Cake Shop, April 2006. Second is a couple of songs from Ace of Clubs, April 2005. Last is complete set from Tommy's, September 2005. Quality is excellent. These guys rock their tights off. 56 minutes.

IKE & TINA TURNER: Live in Holland 1971 with bonus footage of Musikladen appearances. Great performances. Quality is excellent. Approx. 84 minutes.

NIK TURNER - Space Ritual 1994: Lve at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco 1994. Turner is on his best and craziest form, as he fronts his most powerful line up in years including HELIOS CREED (Chrome), DEL DETTMAR (Hawkwind), GENESIS P.ORRIDGE (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV), ALAN POWELL (Hawkwind) and members of PRESSUREHEAD. Quality is excellent. Approx. 103 minutes.


The ULTIMATE REVENGE: Venom, Exodus and Slayer live at NYC's Studio 54, April 3, 1985. Long out-of-print gem documenting the mid-80's underground metal scene's revenge on disco (quite timely & original). The Venom interview is one of my all-time personal favorites. Quality is very good to excellent. Entire disc runs about 61minutes.


VAN HALEN: Largo, MD, October 12, 1982. Multi-camera shoot. Good quality. Running time 115 minutes.

ALAN VEGA: Rockpalast 1982. Full 50 minute set pro-shot for German TV. Not perfect sound or picture quality but still solid. This is really great stuff. Highly recommended. Extras include a brief interview with Vega from French TV, one song from Madrid 1983 and Suicide performing two songs on the Midnight Special 1979. Total running time 60 minutes.

VENOM: Live at Hammersmith Odeon, October 1985. Excellent quality. Running time 58 minutes. See also "Ultimate Revenge".


WIRE: Rockpalast. Live Germany, 1979. Full set pro shot for German television. Running time 58 minutes.

WRAY, LINK: The Rumble Man. Interviews and live performances recorded on Link's 1996 European tour. Running time 82 minutes. See also Robert Gordon.



YES: Early "classic" YES BeatClub performances totaling about 22 minutes. Additional material on this disc includes: Focus, Curved Air, Moody Blues, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Rick Wakeman, Hawkwind and Robin Trower. Primo quality on all. Total running time of this disc is about 80 minutes.

NEIL YOUNG - Rare Clips From The 70's: Two disc set featuring live performances from the flollowing: Finjan Folk Cafe NYC 1970; Carnegie Hall 1970; Filmore East 1970; American Shakespeare Theatre 1971; Harvest Sessions With London Symphony Orchestra 1971; C.S.N. & Y. @ Music Hall Boston 1971; Crazy Horse in Tokyo 1976; Crazy Horse @ Hammersmith Ballroom 1976. Some of the quality is a bit grainy but it's over-all a nice collection.

































































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