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Help WIPE OUT Melanoma!

Thanks to the Dirtbombs, Brimstones, Big Fun & The Lost Crusaders! Great performances by the lot & we appreciate their talents tremendously. Also a big thanks to everyone who attended and helped make the event a fabulous fiesta right in the Boss' back yard. Special thanks to Big Funs' boyfriends, who helped make sure there was no left-over alcohol or potato salad. Check out these photos from the Wipe Out.

Just A Few Left: Posters for the Dirtbombs show at Asbury Lanes are still available (see above). This is a very ltd edition run on heavy poster stock sized at 18" x 24". They look amazing. If you want one, get it now for only $5.00 + $3 shipping. All proceeds go to Kate's Foundation.




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