Fancy Mix Vol. 4

1. The HECKLERS: My Head
NY favorite debuting on Go Ape Records.

2. HILLBILLY WEREWOLF : Crackhead Boogie
One of our favorites from West Virginia!

3. JEFFREY NOVAK: Jungle Beat Stomp
Fantastic one man band from Henderson, TN.

4. The PERSUADERS: Ain't Your Daddy
Wicked-ass tune from New Orleans outfit.

5. KATHY X: I Gotta Go
One of the first ladies of punk rock still tearin' up the fretboard.

6. ROCKY TEOH: Little Sister
Ipoh's veryown Elvis.

7. The ACCELERATORS: Green Door
Unreleased gem.

8. KING'S DUB: Poor Man Skank
Manzie at the controls. Just resurected from the vaults by Jammyland Music.

9. SANDPIPERS: Louie Louie
Irresistable muzak version.

10. The PARVARIM: Feeling Groovy
Yiddish folk version of S & G syrup.

11. NEIL DIAMOND: The Pot Song
Neil completes his community service obligation.

12. NVA: It's A Beautiful Day
Look for more from this NY mystery band soon.

13. DIETER ZIMMERMANN: Whole Lotta Love
Whole lotta over-production from German maestro.

14. The PLANETS: The Chase
Malaysian rock.

15. RED CHAMBER: Apricot
Mao sounds by faux-Asian outfit from Chicago.

16. The TRAILERS: Ali San
Singapore legends. Read the article by Joseph Pereira in the new issue!

17. The TRAILERS: Lucille
Another gem from Singapore.

18. The STEPS: Sugar Sugar
More Malaysian pop.

19. FUNG PO PO: Carrie Ann
Chinese send-up of Hollies.

Classic 80's garage-psych from Rochester, NY.

21. The TRAILERS: Quiver
See above.

22. LOST MARBLES: It's A Gas Out
Another Rochester, NY, garage-psych classic.

23. The ACCELERATORS: Reason For Treason
Late Seventies U.K band where Kathy X emerged from.

24. NVA: Mexican Blackbird
ZZ Top cover from NY.

Cover art by Katie Carman.


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