Return of the
FANCY! Clip Party

Thanks to all that joined us @ Monkeytown Sunday, March 16, 2008 for a double dose of dueling duos. First was Edison Rocket Train, shuffling the blues like a pair of raunch hands pokin' cattle at a supersonic hay ride. Their 45 minute set blasted off amidst Irving Klaw wrestling films and pints of Chimay.

Then the beasts from the East, the emperors of eleki, Los Wakamonos made their U.S. debut. Los Wakamonos' primitive GS fuzz beat blew minds and a few eardrums (many people only took their fingers out of their ears to frantically applaud between songs).

Before and after the bands there were the video clips. Though we had a bit of technical difficulty with one of the DVD players, and couldn't show just a few of the things we promised, there was still enough video madness to slack jaws and blur eyes. There were too many great ones to recall 'em all.

If you were there I'm sure you have several favorites still kicking around inside your brain. Many have sited the myriad Butch Willis tidbits as the high point(s), while others have suggested the Sleep "Dragonaut" video, Suburban Lawns live rendition of "Janitor", the Meatmen making fun of Kraut, Bad News' "Warriors of Genghis Khan" video, the John Fahey from "Guitar, Guitar", and the list goes on.

So, a big thanks once again to everyone who came & made this Fancy! Clip Party a roaring success. But thanks most of all to Los Wakamonos for traveling half-way around the world to rattle our cages. Look for their 4 song EP on our very own Go Ape! Records coming this Fall. Woo Hoo!





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