Outta Our Heads
Son of Fancy

Thanks to all the inimitable ghouls who rocked out at the Son Of Fancy party. For all the pitiful fools who missed out here is a recap:

Vlad & Creighton kicked off the festivities with their decapitating guillotine a go-go routine that had folks laughing their heads off. Those wicked vaudevillian rejects executed fuzzy bunnies with the cold, loveable precision of a psychosurgeon.

Hunchback smashed skulls and writhed in blood while delivering the goods, as if they were the metal gods themselves. During intermission Vald & Creighton delighted onlookers with balloon animals and verbal jabs. Ouch!

Then, as the mist filled the room, Direct From Hollywood Cemetery emerged and blew away what was left of the crowd's soul as they dealt a first rate sermon that slapped the devil on his ass and tea-bagged his mother. Unbelievable!

One must not forget the most excellent DJ SoulPunk, who was the crucial selector throughout the evening. And our newest addition the gyrating Fancy Prancers: Niki, Alyssa, Amanda B. and Mary Elizabeth. Yeah! Thanks again to everybody who helped. We had a blast and hope you did too!










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