From Tokyo

in a parking garage
Name: Mayu Takeda
Occupation: Photographer
Lives: Tokyo
From: Japan
Interests: various Films (Ozu to Tarantino) and having a soothing tea
Hate: Rush hour and dust
Personal style: Retro-chic and French casual style


in a cafe

Name: Mie Takahashi
Occupation: Web Master
Lives :Tokyo
From: Japan
Interests: Kitchenware
Hates: War
Style: Old Clothes (Petit Bateau) and ChildrenÉÜs Clothes (I need a petit size)


in a sake bar

Name: Kei Nakamura
Occupation: Writer
Where from: Japan
Lives: Hakuba
Interests: Attractive women
Hates: Poor meal
Where did you buy what you are wearing:
British Style and bought at EIKOKUYA
(which means British House in Japanese)


in a park

Name: Naomi
Occupation: Composer
Lives: Tokyo
From: Japan
Interests: Music of East and West (esp. contemporary), Readings of various
genres (fairy tales to East philosophies), and Walking.
Hates: Crowded Town
Personal style: No skirts, no pin-heels. Preferred jeans normally.



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